Cloe Masotta

Film critic and researcher

Voted for

La FÉE AUX CHOUX1896Alice Guy-Blaché
Shoes1916Lois Weber
L'Invitation au Voyage 1927Germaine Dulac
At Land1944Maya Deren
Fuses 1964-67Carolee Schneemann
One Way or Another1977Sara Gómez
La Rue Cases-Nègres1983Euzhan Palcy
The Ties That Bind1984Su Friedrich
Blue1993Derek Jarman
A Horse Is Not a Metaphor2008Barbara Hammer


A list of “the greatest films of all time”? Not at all! For me, this is just an invitation that I share with you to watch “some” films, and also an invitation to question the existence of only one or “the” history of cinema.