Corrina Antrobus

Freelance film critic

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Casino1995Martin Scorsese
William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet1996Baz Luhrmann
Set It Off1996F. Gary Gray
Do the Right Thing1989Spike Lee
Malcolm X1992Spike Lee
ear for eye2021debbie tucker green
Atlantique2019Mati Diop
Wonderland1999Michael Winterbottom
Lovers Rock2020Steve McQueen
Lemonade (Beyoncé: Lemonade)2016Beyoncé Knowles


Set It Off

1996 USA

Still holds up as a snapshot of the power, strength and sacrifice Black women have and the adversities they still face in a society that fails them. This, along with thrilling action, supreme performances and heartbreaking storytelling make Set it Off an all round banger of a film.

Do the Right Thing

1989 USA

Still scorchingly relevant. A piercing observation of how communities mix, blend and burn under pressure. Spike Lee's unchallenged style is at its sharpest and most riveting is right here.

Malcolm X

1992 USA

Denzel is a fireball as Malcom X. Under Spike's directing punch, the essential story of Malcom X is told with with power, style and urgency.

ear for eye

2021 United Kingdom

Debbie has bottled the complicated rage and exhaustion of the many waves of Black Lives Matter and how the conversations on survival within the Black community are fluid, ecclectic and distracting to just… living. A fine example of bringing theatre to screen while keeping those delicious creaks in the stage floorboards.


2019 France, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Belgium

Mati Diop's grip on atmosphere, colour palette and deep, patient storytelling is gorgeous. This being a result of her former shorts makes Atlantics even more captivating, as we witness the growth and journey of Diop's artistry.


1999 United Kingdom

London at its most bleak and beautiful. A wonderful cast, haunting score and sweet storytelling.

Lovers Rock

2020 United Kingdom, USA


Lemonade (Beyoncé: Lemonade)


Revenge, scorn, love and redemption nuanced to produce a moving, compassionate spectrum of emotions. As much as we place her on an unattainable plinth, this is proof that even Beyoncé bleeds. In turn, it has revered the talents of a plethora of Black female artists and presented our solidarity, heart and humanity.