Damian Marcano

Trinidad and Tobago

Voted for

Coming to America1988John Landis
The City of God2002Fernando Meirelles
La BIBBIA1966John Huston
Domino2005Tony Scott
Man on Fire2004Tony Scott
The Harder They Come1972Perry Henzell
Marley2012Kevin Macdonald
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind2004Michel Gondry
The Gods Must Be Crazy1980Jamie Uys


Coming to America

1988 USA

I have never laughed so hard. It didn't make me want to become a director – it just made me want to go to America even more.

The City of God

2002 Brazil, Germany, France

This made me feel like someone had opened up a cinema lens in my neighborhood. Morvant is a tough community very similar to Cidade de Deus – where we say "the baddest men live on the hill, and we come from the tippy top."


1966 Italy, USA

My island is predominantly Roman Catholic. My Grenadian grandmother had this on repeat. I don't know how many times I've watched this... but more than any other film, definitely.


2005 USA, France, United Kingdom

The color, the motion. This film opened my eyes up to how entertaining the camera’s exposure can be. How entertaining the image can be. All of my senses peaked while watching it.

Man on Fire

2004 USA, United Kingdom

All of the things I love about Tony Scott and all of the things I love about Denzel Washington, all balled up into one film. This was Domino elevated for me. I'm truly thankful for all of Tony's contributions before he left this earth.

The Harder They Come

1972 Jamaica

Whenever I think we are taking ourselves too seriously as island filmmakers I simply love to watch this.


2012 United Kingdom, USA

Even my children know the first lines of this film. “This is the Cape Coast Castle in Ghana, West Africa. Where enslaved Africans were shipped to the Caribbean.” If they can't recite it… I make them watch the whole thing again. This is their history – but also a window to our culture.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

2004 USA

Remember the strainer that was a medical device that would make him forget the pain of his heartbreak? This film made me dream, at a time that my migration to America was at its dullest point. It made my mind come alive, just reimagining simple spaces like the library. It made the mundane spectacular.

The Gods Must Be Crazy

1980 South Africa

Whoever thought a Coca Cola bottle could cause so much drama? Brilliant on all levels, because it comes from such a small concept.


2022 Trinidad and Tobago, USA

This one meant we’d finally made a mark on the international film scene. It is truly the first film from our island that we believe truly captures ‘Us’. The emotions bleed through the image like an all night hangout with close friends.

Further remarks

I am a simple Rastaman from a rock in the sea. All of these films, I believe, affected my storytelling in various ways. The vibration of art is inspiration; and each one did just that! Thanks to all the filmmakers out there. Keep inspiring :)