Daniel Scheinert

writer / director / indulgent cameo actor

Voted for

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind2004Michel Gondry
Princess Mononoke1997Hayao Miyazaki
Glory at Sea2008Benh Zeitlin
Hi Stranger2016Kirsten Lepore
Magnolia1999Paul Thomas Anderson
ZUI QUAN II1994Liu Chia-liang
TAMPOPO1986Juzo Itami
Praise You - Fatboy Slim (Music Video)1999Spike Jonze
American Movie The Making of Northwestern1999Chris Smith
Wet Hot American Summer2001David Wain


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

2004 USA

My undisputed champion. Shout out to Charlie Kaufman of course.

Princess Mononoke

1997 Japan

I was inspired to sew my own cosplay costume in middle school.

Glory at Sea

2008 USA

Short films are films too!

Hi Stranger


Rrreally short films are films too!


1999 USA

Big, messy and perfect.


1994 Hong Kong

Nearly every scene is unbelievably brutal, silly or spectacular.


1986 Japan

Every unforgettable scene of this film has food, and I love food almost as much as I love a great film.

Praise You - Fatboy Slim (Music Video)


A dance film starring an incredible filmmaker in front of a multiplex = CINEMA.

American Movie The Making of Northwestern

1999 USA

A hilarious, heartbreaking character study of film obsessives like you and me.

Wet Hot American Summer

2001 USA

“At a time when I was trying to hide myself from myself he was there to show me... a new way” —Gene