David Jenkins

Editor, Little White Lies

Voted for

Femmes Femmes1974Paul Vecchialli
India Song1975Marguerite Duras
The Long Day Closes1992Terence Davies
La MAISON DES BOIS2000Maurice Pialat
My Neighbour Totoro1988Hayao Miyazaki
Public Housing1997Frederick Wiseman
Some Came Running1958Vincente Minnelli
INAZUMA1952Mikio Naruse
Touki Bouki1973Djibril Diop Mambéty
Trouble Every Day2001Claire Denis


There are too many films for this to not be more a more painful exercise than ever. God, I'm so sorry Rivette, Costa, Fassbinder, Varda, Hou, Antonioni, Martel, Apichatpong, Resnais, Mizoguchi, etc, etc. The next ten are all yours. If I'd left this another night it could easily have been all change. A best directors poll would be less stressful. I’ve opted here for the “dating profile” route over the “calcify the canon” route, because each and every list in this poll should operate as cryptic autobiography, if submitted honestly. As far as my selections go, once again I was unable to suppress a personal kink for French cinema of the 1970s. Most of the titles on this list are the result of transcendent cinema viewings across the previous decade. Every one bought tears to my eyes and, in the end, that’s the only metric that matters. Final note: since becoming a parent, My Neighbour Totoro has easily become the film I have watched the most, by a margin that most would consider obscene. Yet every time my daughter clicks it on the TV, I’m more than happy to hop on the merry-go-round again.