David Katz

Critic - Cineuropa

Voted for

Playtime1967Jacques Tati
Twin Peaks1990David Lynch
Greed1923Erich von Stroheim
Stalker1979Andrei Tarkovsky
Two Lovers2008James Gray
News from Home1976Chantal Akerman
The Kid1921Charles Chaplin
L'Argent1983Robert Bresson
Serene Velocity1970Ernie Gehr
Fuses1967Carolee Schneemann


Twin Peaks


Seasons 1-3, with a very honourable mention to Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.


1979 USSR

The most sublime of quest films…

Two Lovers

2008 USA, France, Ukrainian SSR

A vote for one of my most valued figures of 21st-century cinema.

News from Home

1976 France, Belgium

Reimagines what composite parts a film could be made of.

The Kid

1921 USA

This was the Chaplin I returned to constantly when I started seriously watching his features at age 13. And I can't quite explain why, then or now.

Serene Velocity

1970 USA

One of the best illustrations of the unique creative possibilities of the film camera.



The cat knows all.

Further remarks

What a pleasure and honour to be granted a vote in the 2022 poll. I still believe I have much to learn from these ten titles, and for cinema overall to teach me as the years stream on quicker than I can process them.