Ed Park

Freelance critic

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Jesus Shows You the Way to the Highway2019Miguel Llansó
The Dead Zone1983David Cronenberg
Crime Wave1985John Paizs
Fort Tilden2014Sarah Violet-Bliss and Charles Rogers
Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes2020Junta Yamaguchi
The Black Tower1987John Smith
Coherence2012James Ward Byrkit
The Steel Helmet1951Samuel Fuller
Paperhouse1988Bernard Rose
Asylum1972Roy Ward Baker


All of these are titles I streamed during the pandemic; all but The Dead Zone were movies I'd never seen before. The Steel Helmet and Fort Tilden were chanced upon while flipping channels – films I had no prior knowledge of, but found immediately engrossing. Six were recommendations from friends. Most of the selections have at least a foot in science fiction or horror. The budget limitations of JSYTWTTH, Crime Wave, Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes and Coherence were part of their charm. These might not be the greatest films of all time, but they were the best movies I saw during a time of great uncertainty, sadness and fear.