Elif Rongen-Kaynakci

Curator of Silent Film

Voted for

Le COUPABLE1917André Antoine
OBLOMOK IMPERII1929Friedrich Ermler
Shoes1916Lois Weber
The Wrong Trousers1993Nick Park
Blowup1966Michelangelo Antonioni
Fitzcarraldo1981Werner Herzog
Dil se..1998Mani Ratnam
Shirley Visions of Reality2013Gustav Deutsch
Cunegonde reçoit sa famille1912Unknown
The Prestige2006Christopher Nolan



1929 USSR

From the first moment I watched this film I wanted to do the restoration and share it with others. I'm so happy that this happened and that we are now able to present it in great shape and with the original music.

Such a timeless classic!


1981 Federal Republic of Germany, Peru

The New German cinema, and in particular Herzog's work, reaffirmed my wish to do work related to cinema from the moment I discovered them as a teenager.

Shirley Visions of Reality

2013 Austria

I believe Hanna Schimek should also be credited as co-director.

Practically any film made by Deutsch is a reflection of a brilliant cinematic mind.

Cunegonde reçoit sa famille


Early European slapstick deserves much more recognition than it normally receives.

Further remarks

As ten films is a very restricted number, I tried to include the films that somehow made an impact on me when I first watched them.

Of course, the more one thinks, the more titles come to mind, but I wanted to provide a simple recommendation list for someone like me who doesn't necessarily see a film as a work of art, but who's intrigued by the historical, entertainment and economic contexts of cinema.

If I were given more choices I'd like to include more documentaries, trick films or even films defying any categorisation.