Elsa Fernández-Santos

Film critic for El País

Voted for

City Lights1931Charles Chaplin
Shoah1985Claude Lanzmann
GERMANIA, ANNO ZERO1948Roberto Rossellini
The Searchers1956John Ford
Some Like It Hot1959Billy Wilder
L' eclisse1962Michelangelo Antonioni
A Woman under the Influence1974John Cassavetes
Close-up1989Abbas Kiarostami
Wanda1970Barbara Loden
The Wizard of Oz1939Victor Fleming


Too many important names missing in this list: Murnau, Dreyer, Bresson, Welles, Hitchcock, Renoir, Hawks, Pasolini, Tarkovsky, Buñuel, Godard… They could be part of another list of films that changed the art of movies and my life. But these are the ten titles that come to mind today. They all brought important revelations: a new world, an idea, a gesture, a reason to be… The kind of things only movies can bring.