Enrico Camporesi

Assistant curator, Centre Pompidou

Voted for

A Sixth Part of the World1926Dziga Vertov
The House Is Black1962Forough Farokhzad
Hellzapoppin'1941H.C. Potter
Standard Gauge1984Morgan Fisher
Bimbo's Initiation1931Dave Fleischer
Variety1984Bette Gordon
Hand Movie1966Yvonne Rainer
Singin' in the Rain1951Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen
Spectrum Reverse Spectrum2014Margaret Honda
Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood2019Quentin Tarantino


Like many other colleagues and peers, I hesitated about jotting down a list and communicating it outside a close circle of friends, until I realised that I was gradually writing something else. The items started connecting and, instead of their singularity, I began to see them rhyming with each other, in direct or more allusive ways. Elena Gorfinkel noted that “lists are metrics”, in their quantitative and statistic components, but I should add that in the act of writing itself I began to see a rudimentary form of prosody. Not really ten objects then, but five couples, to be found reading from top to bottom. While typing these notes during downtime at the office, my reverie was clearly streamlined: the result is a double bill for each working day of the week.