Ernesto Diezmartínez

Film critic in Letras Libres, teach Cinema Studies in Tec de Monterrey

Voted for

City Lights1931Charles Chaplin
Citizen Kane1941Orson Welles
NAZARÍN1958Luis Buñuel
Psycho1960Alfred Hitchcock
La dolce vita1960Federico Fellini
Hermanos Del Hierro 1961Ismael Rodríguez
Le Bonheur1965Agnès Varda
The Godfather1972Francis Ford Coppola
The Purple Rose of Cairo1985Woody Allen
Shoah1985Claude Lanzmann


City Lights

1931 USA

Laugh and weep. Weep and laugh.

Citizen Kane

1941 USA

He just wanted to be loved.


1958 Mexico

The pineapple of mercy.


1960 USA

In my teens I watched it three times in one day. In the third screening I was laughing.

La dolce vita

1960 Italy, France

The melancholic rhythm of the Roman nights.

Hermanos Del Hierro


Vengeance kills the avenger.

Le Bonheur

1965 France

A beautiful poisoned apple.

The Godfather

1972 USA

This is America.

The Purple Rose of Cairo

1985 USA

I'm Cecilia.


1985 France

The greatest ethical and aesthetic documentary of the history of cinema.

Further remarks

These ten titles are movies that have spoken to me since I watched them for the first time. That was my emotional criterion. But, as Groucho said: “If you don’t like them… I have others”. And because I am sure that some colleagues are going to choose only Hollywood movies, here is an alternative and chauvinistic Greatest Films of All Time list with exclusively Mexican cinema: El compadre Mendoza (De Fuentes, 1933), Pueblerina (Fernández, 1949), Una familia de tantas (Galindo, 1949), ¡Ay amor… cómo me has puesto! (Martínez Solares, 1951), La noche avanza (Gavaldón, 1952), Dos tipos de cuidado (Rodríguez, 1952), Él (Buñuel, 1953), La fórmula secreta (Gámez, 1965), Cadena perpetua (Ripstein, 1980) and Roma (Cuarón, 2018).