Esin Küçüktepepınar

Film critic & Istanbul Film Festival programmer

Voted for

Distant Voices, Still Lives1988Terence Davies
La ciénaga2001Lucrecia Martel
Vivre sa vie1962Jean-Luc Godard
Tokyo Story1953Yasujirō Ozu
The Battle of Algiers1966Gillo Pontecorvo
Sátántangó1994Béla Tarr
Dekalog (decalogue)1988Krzysztof Kieślowski
Pickpocket1959Robert Bresson
BES VAKIT2006Reha Erdem
Barry Lyndon1975Stanley Kubrick


Distant Voices, Still Lives

1988 United Kingdom, Federal Republic of Germany

İn search of lost time in every sense.

La ciénaga

2001 Argentina, USA, Japan, France, Switzerland, Spain, Brazil

Waiting in limbo, mesmerizingly captured and highly political.

Vivre sa vie

1962 France

"The essence of life and the story is mostly out of the frame" kind of experience.

The Battle of Algiers

1966 Italy, Algeria

Heartbreakingly real, powerfully relevant masterpiece about the never-ending struggle against oppression.