Esteve Riambau Möller

Director Filmoteca de Catalunya

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Battleship Potemkin1925Sergei M. Eisenstein
City Lights1931Charles Chaplin
Citizen Kane1941Orson Welles
The Searchers1956John Ford
North by Northwest1959Alfred Hitchcock
À bout de souffle1960Jean-Luc Godard
El verdugo1963Luis García Berlanga
2001: A Space Odyssey1968Stanley Kubrick
ULTIMO TANGO A PARIGI1972Bernardo Bertolucci
Fanny and Alexander1982Ingmar Bergman


Battleship Potemkin

1925 USSR

Another film language is possible, the revolution is not only its subject.

City Lights

1931 USA

A tramp, a blind girl. She believes he is a millionaire. The key of the plot is in the image of a door slamming on a silent film.

Citizen Kane

1941 USA

Cinema as the summit of the integration of radio and theatre languages. There is a before and an after of this film.

The Searchers

1956 USA

Epic, lyric, defeat and landscapes.

North by Northwest

1959 USA

I prefer the fake Mr. Kaplan rather than the real Norman Bates or Scottie Ferguson. Mount Rushmore rather than a motel or San Francisco.

À bout de souffle

1960 France

Godard needed to love the classics before breaking the rules. À bout de souffle brings the modernity of cinema to the same level as other arts.

El verdugo

1963 Spain, Italy

When Franco saw this anti-capital punishment film, he said: "Berlanga is worse than a communist. He is a bad Spaniard."

2001: A Space Odyssey

1968 USA, United Kingdom

When philosophy and metaphysics travelled beyond the stars, science fiction was no more a B genre.


1972 Italy, France, USA

An American Oedipus in the French city of cinema, dancin the death to the mood of an Argentinian rhythm in an orange canvas.

Fanny and Alexander

1982 Sweden, France, Federal Republic of Germany

Maybe it's not the best Bergman, but it encompasses all his other films and even his own life.

Further remarks

As an archivist, we preserve all films. As a film historian, I have general remarks, but also personal preferences. This selection includes everything, or almost.