Florian Widegger

Head of program

Voted for

Nashville1975Robert Altman
TAXIDI STA KITHIRA1984Theo Angelopoulos
Unstoppable2010Tony Scott
Valerie a tyden divu1970Jaromil Jires
Once upon a Time in America1983Sergio Leone
Vredens dag1943Carl Th. Dreyer
The Loss of Sexual Innocence1998Mike Figgis
The Gospel According to St. Matthew1964Pier Paolo Pasolini
AKIBIYORI1960Yasujirō Ozu
Licorice Pizza2021Paul Thomas Anderson


There would be (a lot) more to include - especially from Europe and Asia, genre-movies, female directors - but this is it in the end: Films I could see again and again, some "obvious" ones, some (guilty) pleasures. Thanks for inviting me to participate.