Francisco Manuel Díaz


Voted for

The Wind1928Victor Sjöström
Young Mr. Lincoln1939John Ford
Only Angels Have Wings1939Howard Hawks
Objective, Burma!1945Raoul Walsh
The Lost Weekend1945Billy Wilder
Moonfleet1955Fritz Lang
Stalker1979Andrei Tarkovsky
L'Argent1983Robert Bresson
Femme Fatale2002Brian De Palma
Inland Empire2006David Lynch


The Wind

1928 USA

Still the most pure representation of nature as metaphor of the complexities of the mind – and the soul – even with the imposed sweetness of the ending.

Young Mr. Lincoln

1939 USA

As always in Ford, everything seems to be very simple but is tremendously complex.

Only Angels Have Wings

1939 USA

The present can only be solved by closing the past to create the future: the quintessence of classic cinema.

Objective, Burma!

1945 USA

Why are we still watching – with great pleasure – such a propagandistic movie almost 70 years later? The answer, obviously, is Walsh. Cinema is rarely as exciting and hypnotic than as this movie, because cinema is rarely so well planned. Walsh employs exactly the right number of shots, not a single one more or less.

The Lost Weekend

1945 USA

The number of brilliant ideas in the mise en scène is mesmerising. The camera approaches the room at the beginning of the film and walks away from the room at the end, and in both cases we can see the bottle hanging from the window: it's less a circular narration than a sign that there's no possible ending.


1955 USA

The kid arrives in a world of fear, of gothic atmospheres, of secrets of the past, of horror. But with his purity of love (the real diamond), he transcends it all and restores life to a man who lost it a long time ago.


1979 USSR

It is paradoxical that an artist who said so many times he did not believe in God could make the invisible almost visible… the journey… the almost physical fear when entering the Zone… the progressive changes in the colour… a prodigy.


1983 France, Switzerland

Bresson devoted his entire life to refining his style (a style that is impossible to imitate) until he accomplished a miracle.

Femme Fatale

2002 France

The story told in a film can be governed by parameters other than those of real life and still be perfectly plausible, if the director is talented enough and is loyal to the rules he has created.

Inland Empire

2006 USA, France, Poland

At last we have in cinema what Pollock was to painting… at last cinema does not represent reality but creates a new one

Further remarks

I really tried to make a list of movies both important to me but at the same important to cinema itself