Genevieve Yue

Associate Professor of Culture and Media, The New School

Voted for

All My Life1966Bruce Baillie
Reassemblage1982Trinh T. Minh-ha
Killer of Sheep1977Charles Burnett
CÉSAR1936Marcel Pagnol
Il POSTO1961Ermanno Olmi
HITORI MUSUKO1936Yasujirō Ozu
Close-up1989Abbas Kiarostami
The Wizard of Oz1939Victor Fleming
No Home Movie2015Chantal Akerman
Lost Lost Lost1976Jonas Mekas


I notice that many of the films on my list feature the wind – the breeze in Baillie, the torrent in Akerman, the waving grass in Ozu, the feeling of sea air in Pagnol. The twister, of course. But I didn’t intend this. I suppose it has to do with the way the wind picks things up and unsettles them. That’s what happens to me when I watch these films. No matter how many times I watch them, they never put me down in the same place.