George Bass

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Das Experiment2001Oliver Hirschbiegel
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure1989Stephen Herek
Kenny2006Clayton Jacobson
The Last Wave1977Peter Weir
Heat1995Michael Mann
Get Carter1971Mike Hodges
Back to the Future1985Robert Zemeckis
Black Dynamite2009Scott Sanders
The Karate Kid1984John G. Avildsen
Lola rennt1998Tom Tykwer


Das Experiment


Less known but just as gripping as the bunker-set Downfall (2004), Hirschbiegel's debut shows what happens when blokes team up and wear the same uniform. As a security guard, I can assure you we're more like Gläser than Berus.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure


The only life advice worth following: be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes. Still crossing fingers the film's future becomes a reality (except with Jim Bob and Fruitbat of Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine).


2006 Australia

The world needs more Kennys (film and person).

The Last Wave

1977 Australia

Ghost story? Climate change parable? Disaster movie? Weir's third film is all of the above, and has an ending worthy of Don't Look Up (2021).


1995 USA

Meticulous and endlessly re-watchable, Mann's epic has the rare honour of featuring both in critics' lists like these and police gunfight training classes.

Get Carter

1971 USA, United Kingdom

The greatest gangster movie ever made (that's secretly a whodunnit).

Back to the Future

1985 USA

Like RoboCop two years later, this is a "Swiss watch" movie: not one second wasted. Only in the '80s could a family film that skirts around incest and features time travel top the box office.

Black Dynamite

2009 USA

A passion project that shows through every grainy, ass-whoopin' frame. Quite possibly the funniest film of all time (sorry Withnail).

The Karate Kid

1984 USA

I defy anyone to not watch this film whenever it airs on TV even if you own it. The fact that the characters could be credibly resurrected 34 years later in Cobra Kai is proof of how relevant the story has stayed.

Lola rennt

1998 Germany

Spoke to the cast once. A quote cut from the published interview: "For the casino scene, I screamed so loud that the extras around me were given earplugs. The crew had to bring me camomile tea between takes."