Grazia Ingravalle

Lecturer in Film

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Battleship Potemkin1925Sergei M. Eisenstein
Gone with the Wind1939Victor Fleming
Stories We Tell2012Sarah Polley
Apur Sansar1958Satyajit Ray
Beau travail1998Claire Denis
Badlands1973Terrence Malick
Tins for India1941Bimal Roy
Film Ist. (1-2)1996–2002Gustav Deutsch
Springtime1929Mikhail Kaufman


Gone with the Wind

1939 USA

This is a painful and beautiful classic Hollywood film to watch – I would not say despite its race politics but because of it. It invites a complex mode of spectatorship, pedagogy and curatorship, able to discern the film’s racial stereotyping, nostalgic romanticisation of slavery and racial inequality, as well as the historicity of popular media representations and audience reception. At the same time, contradictorily, Gone with the Wind's dramatic Technicolor cinematography and poignant performances enchantingly absorb us into its epic narrative world. I recommend checking out Jacqueline Stewart’s introduction before watching it:

Further remarks

Watched on a small or big screen, in 4k or low definition, in streaming or 35mm, each one of these films deeply moved me, disclosing the layered beauty of cinema.