Hazem Fahmy

Film Critic & Researcher

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Bringing Up Baby1938Howard Hawks
RoboCop1987Paul Verhoeven
Mad Max: Fury Road2015George Miller
The Most Dangerous Man in the World1967Niazi Mostafa
Yi Yi1999Edward Yang
Fear Eats the Soul1974Rainer Werner Fassbinder
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg1964Jacques Demy
The Battle of Algiers1966Gillo Pontecorvo
Bonnie and Clyde1967Arthur Penn


Bringing Up Baby

1938 USA

Howard Hawks's panther-led romp is the epitome of not only the screwball genre, but the classical Hollywood comedy writ large. Hepburn and Grant's chemistry is utter perfection.


1987 USA

Verhoeven's satirical and dystopian take on the relationship between policing and corporate greed has only grown more unsettlingly relevant in the United States, and elsewhere. A masterpiece of genre filmmaking and evergreen commentary.

Mad Max: Fury Road

2015 USA, Australia

In a landscape of hastily produced blockbusters and sloppy visual effects, Miller reminded viewers what impeccably crafted action set pieces are capable of. A breathtaking tale of redemption, the lengths we will go to for freedom, and gasoline.

The Most Dangerous Man in the World


An outrageous and unrelenting parody of Hollywood and the political anxieties of the late 60s. Mostafa's pastiche of western, spy and gangster film tropes is a landmark of Egyptian comedy cinema.


1990 France, Egypt

The conclusion of Chahine's semi-autobiographical Alexandria Trilogy is by far the best of the three, as well as the most vulnerable, thanks to Chahine's correct decision to step in front of the camera and subject himself to his own neurotic scrutiny.

Yi Yi

1999 Taiwan, Japan

A staggering achievement – a family portrait as haunting as it is shockingly simplistic in its approach to character and storytelling.

Fear Eats the Soul

1974 Federal Republic of Germany

Fassbinder's best, by a longshot, examines the lasting effects of fascism on German society through a gut-wrenching love story of impossible yearning. Melodrama at its finest.

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

1964 France, Federal Republic of Germany

One of the most stunning musicals ever made.

The Battle of Algiers

1966 Italy, Algeria

One of the greatest war movies, and easily one of the most incisive depictions of anti-imperialist struggle.

Bonnie and Clyde

1967 USA

As much of an erotic thriller as it is a heist movie, Penn's explosive initiator of the American New Wave keeps you on the edge of your seat over fifty years later, hoping against hope that these foul people still somehow make it.