Hidenori Okada

Curator, National Film Archive of Japan

Voted for

The Wind1928Victor Sjöström
Red River1947Howard Hawks
French Cancan1955Jean Renoir
UKIGUMO1955Mikio Naruse
Lola Montès1955Max Ophuls
Touch of Evil1958Orson Welles
I Am Cuba1964Mikhail Kalatozov
L' albero degli zoccoli1978Ermanno Olmi
ROUTE ONE/USA1990Robert Kramer
A Brighter Summer Day1991Edward Yang


Every film in this list has surely made the most powerful impact on my views on cinema in various ways, but the act of selecting films could be also be a betrayal of the great ones not chosen. I can't explain to myself why there's no Sadao Yamanaka, no Yasuzo Masumura, no Jacques Becker, no Guru Dutt, no Kim Ki-young, no Glauber Rocha, no Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, no Hou Hsiao-hsien… But I just accept the inevitable.