Isaac Zablocki

Director ReelAblities Film Festival

Voted for

Le notti di Cabiria1957Federico Fellini
Pulp Fiction1994Quentin Tarantino
Casablanca1942Michael Curtiz
Being John Malkovich1999Spike Jonze
Chinatown1974Roman Polanski
Miller's Crossing1990Joel Coen
Die Hard1988John McTiernan
Moonrise Kingdom2012Wes Anderson
Memento2000Christopher Nolan
WALL-E2008Andrew Stanton


Le notti di Cabiria

1957 Italy, France

The ultimate balance of Fellini’s neorealism and the absurd.

Pulp Fiction

1994 USA

Tarantino at his best.


1942 USA

Still the ultimate written film.

Being John Malkovich

1999 USA

The ultimate creative storytelling process


1974 USA

One of the best written in terms of dialogue, genre-bending and political films.

Miller's Crossing

1990 USA

So many great films from the Coen Brothers that it is hard to choose, but Miller's Crossing plays out best in my mind.

Die Hard

1988 USA

Lowbrow fun.

Moonrise Kingdom

2012 USA

Hard to choose one Wes Anderson, but Moonrise plays well.


2000 USA

Nolan at his core.


2008 USA

Best of animation...