Jason Solomons

Film Critic, Producer

Voted for

GoodFellas1990Martin Scorsese
Moonlight2016Barry Jenkins
La grande bellezza2013Paolo Sorrentino
Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans1927F.W. Murnau
Spring in a Small Town1948Fei Mu
Black Panther2018Ryan Coogler
Hannah and Her Sisters1986Woody Allen
Monsoon Wedding2001Mira Nair
Hidden2004Michael Haneke
The Beaches of Agnès2008Agnès Varda



1990 USA

All of American life is here, all toxic masculinity and bravado, all loyalties and betrayals. The greatest voiceover narration in movies and exemplary use of source music alongside five or six amazing performances.


2016 USA

Just beautiful, vulnerable, atmospheric, sexy, sweltering with tension and yearning for love. Exquisite filmmaking with an acute emotional sensitivity.

La grande bellezza

2013 Italy, France

Inspired modern baroque, a satire on excess and intellectual indolence that pierces the heart of Western indulgence yet revels in the creativity of man. You feel the passing of time, the cycles of the ages, the layers of history and reference that build to the 21st century. A masterpiece.

Black Panther

2018 USA

The finest superhero movie and the only watershed moment of the Marvel movement that so dominated movie-going in the first decades of the 21st century – witty, inventive, cool, Black and proud. A supreme example of cinema's ability to re-shape popular culture and experience and an exemplary clarion call of how to reframe a generation's mentality through the simple super power of representation on screen.

Hannah and Her Sisters

1986 USA

Funny, wise, warm-hearted; a snapshot of New Yorkers at their best and worst; hopeful and resilient, a film full of love in its many forms – familial, sexual, platonic, dormant, poignant, bruised – and a deeply philosophical film about humanity, about living together in cities and in families.

Monsoon Wedding

2001 USA, Italy, Germany, France

Family, history, modernity, change, confession, happiness, colour and secrets.


2004 France, Austria, Germany, Italy

Dripping with dread and guilt, a film that asks how we live with ourselves, how we see ourselves (if we even look?). Masterly filmmaking control channels into scenes of shocking power.

The Beaches of Agnès

2008 France

Lyrical, light, touching, reflective, using all the magic of cinema to tell a story, our story, her story. Enchanting.