Javier Angulo

Director of Valladolid International Film Festival (SEMINCI)

Voted for

Metropolis1927Fritz Lang
Citizen Kane1941Orson Welles
North by Northwest1959Alfred Hitchcock
1963Federico Fellini
À bout de souffle1960Jean-Luc Godard
A Clockwork Orange1971Stanley Kubrick
Breaking the Waves1996Lars von Trier
The Godfather1972Francis Ford Coppola
The Thin Red Line1998Terrence Malick
In the Mood for Love2000Wong Kar Wai



1927 Germany

Prophetic, precocius, futurist, clever, with plenty presages and predictions about urbanism, social problems etc. A masterpiece.

1963 Italy, France

Glazzy, imaginative and plenty of risks. Pure Fellini!

The Godfather

1972 USA

Insuperable black. The top of black cinema.

The Thin Red Line

1998 USA

The best, most realistic, deep and serious war film, alongside Kubrick's Paths of Glory.

In the Mood for Love

2000 Hong Kong, France

A jewel of sensibility, full of delicacy and beauty.