Javier H. Estrada

Head of Programming Seville European Film Festival

Voted for

Happy Together1997Wong Kar Wai
The Souvenir Part II2020Joanna Hogg
Beau travail1998Claire Denis
El Mumia1970Shadi Abdelsalam
Tenshi no kokotsu1972Koji Wakamatsu
Kader2006Zeki Demirkubuz
Victimas del pecado1951Emilio Fernández
Party on the CAPS2018Meriem Bennani
Assarab1979Ahmed Bouanani


Happy Together

1997 Hong Kong

Improvised cinema at its best. Transnational art that depicts the loneliness of toxic love and the trance of a broken heart. The last pure, raw Wong before going for more aesthetically polished films.

The Souvenir Part II

2020 United Kingdom, Ireland, USA

This must go together with the first part of Joanna Hogg's masterful auto-fiction odyssey. An absolute monument in introspection and reformulation of life experiences that finally takes an unexpected, exuberant route.

Beau travail

1998 France

A unique critique of neo-colonialism which offer probably the most accurate and clever portrait of masculinity in the history of film. Its memorable ending is the highlight of Denis' impressive œuvre.

El Mumia

1970 Egypt

Ancient history is observed under an innovative vision. An example of precise, haunting cinema by a director who could only make one feature film (but one that will last forever).

Tenshi no kokotsu

1972 Japan

A unique demonstration of the artistic and political possibilities of erotic film. A defiant filmmaker who sublimated the art of pinku eiga and created one of the most adventurous works in the history of film.



The masterpiece of one of the most underrated directors of the last 20 years. This film is also a riveting and renovated take on Turkish melodrama, and I could have included here films by Metin Erksan and Atıf Yılmaz, among others.

Victimas del pecado

1951 Mexico

Mexican classic melodrama of high intensity. Pure passion, this is an example of popular cinema that connects with large audiences and at the same time shows virtuous filmmaking. Here I could have been included other works by Fernández, Roberto Gavaldón, Ismael Rodríguez or, why not, Luis Buñuel – all masters of the golden era of Mexican cinema.


2004 Philippines

A peak in the new conception of time in the cinema of the new century, and probably the masterpiece of a true poet.

Party on the CAPS

2018 Morocco

The audiovisual of the future is encapsulated in the 26 minutes of this visionary work. Social media, political statements, Moroccan tradition, and a unique sense of humour are all mixed in one of the true revelations of our time.


1979 Morocco

Unknown cinematic territories were discovered in this surrealist, unexpected film which was the only feature of the maudit Bouanani.

Further remarks

I believe a poll like this must propose a personal canon, based on important experiences which probably will be related to intimate stories, to the discovery of cinema, to very particular circumstances and feelings. So this list is a mirror of my most intense viewings as a spectator and my labour as a programmer and professor. That's why most of the films belong to the modern or contemporary era. African cinema (notably Morocco) is very much present in the list, and this is also a statement of the need to look further…