Jonathan Rigby


Voted for

The Crowd1928King Vidor
MÄDCHEN IN UNIFORM1931Leontine Sagan
Island of Lost Souls1932Erle C. Kenton
Sunset Blvd.1950Billy Wilder
Orphée1950Jean Cocteau
Rear Window1954Alfred Hitchcock
Les Yeux sans visage1959Georges Franju
Onibaba1964Kaneto Shindo
Witchfinder General1968Michael Reeves
Le Locataire1976Roman Polanski


In getting these films together, I put aside any objective notions of ‘greatness’, which are impossible to establish anyway. I just recalled some of the titles that made the most powerful impact on me when first viewing them. I tend to write about horror films; not exclusively, but quite a bit. And I notice that, even when these choices aren’t out-and-out horror, they still lean towards the ghoulish, and the view of life in them is pretty grim. That terrible line from Onibaba springs to mind: “Rest in peace in this hole…” As does another from Orphée: “We had to return them to their swamp.” Well, what can I say? There are lots of life-affirming films out there, full of joy and light and ecstasy – and there are plenty of that kind that I admire. But somehow none of them made it onto this list. Darkness has its delights, too.