Juho Kuosmanen


Voted for

Tokyo Story1953Yasujirō Ozu
The 400 Blows1959François Truffaut
Man with a Movie Camera1929Dziga Vertov
BAB AL-HADID1958Youssef Chahine
Our Hospitality1923Buster Keaton, John G. Blystone
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg1964Jacques Demy
Once upon a Time in the West1968Sergio Leone
The Godfather1972Francis Ford Coppola
PERSEPOLIS2007Vincent Paronnaud, Marjane Satrapi
Hiroshima mon amour1959Alain Resnais


I think I disagree with my list already. Next time I’ll dig deeper, these are pretty obvious and don’t really add anything to the lists we’ve seen before. There could be easily more variation in geography and more female directors as well. Instead of Tokyo Story, there could be Alice Rohrwacher’s The Wonders… I absolutely adore both of these films.