Julie Dash

Voted for

Moby Dick1956John Huston
Lawrence of Arabia1962David Lean
SE, JIE2007Ang Lee
The Lives of Others2006Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
The Piano1992Jane Campion
Raise the Red Lantern1991Zhang Yimou
The Woman King2021
Ikiru1952Akira Kurosawa
Amores perros2000Alejandro González Iñárritu


Moby Dick

1956 United Kingdom, USA

A masterpiece of visual metaphors and cinematic storytelling. I first watched this movie on

television when I was a child and I continue to revisit to understand more and more as an


Lawrence of Arabia

1962 United Kingdom

I’m choosing this title for the structure of the storytelling, the cinematography, and

cinematic displays. This choice is not about the man T. E. Lawrence who committed

numerous wartime atrocities. For some, visual rhetoric does not outweigh politics, but one

can certainly appreciate the art of filmmaking in this title.


2007 Taiwan, USA, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China

Passion and politics have never been done better.

The Lives of Others

2006 Germany

This is one perfect movie; a cautionary tale never grows old.

The Piano

1992 Australia, France

Jane Campion takes us where dreams reside; challenges us to locate the central character

and demands we discover who is the hero or heroine in the story.

Raise the Red Lantern

1991 People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

Essential viewing for mothers and their daughters.


1994 Hong Kong

Noir films have never been the same since this offering of such unexpected pure joy.

The Woman King


Expressing feelings that can’t be told any other way, this is a film we’ve all been waiting for,

and it changes everything.


1952 Japan

The cinema of sentimentality and truth produced to perfection.

Amores perros

2000 Mexico

Many have copied Inarritu’s cinematic masterpiece but never accomplishing the same

powerful drama, story form and structure. This is another film that changed how and why

we make movies.