Kambole Campbell

Freelance Critic

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Do the Right Thing1989Spike Lee
Beau travail1998Claire Denis
Napoléon1927Abel Gance
Dragon Inn1967King Hu
Close-up1989Abbas Kiarostami
The END OF EVANGELION1997Hideaki Anno
Fehérlofia (SON OF THE WHITE HORSE)1981Marcell Jankovics
It's Such a Beautiful Day2012Don Hertzfeldt
SENNEN JOYU2001Satoshi Kon
Fantasia1940Ben Sharpsteen, Samuel Armstrong, Samuel Armstrong, James Algar, Bill Roberts, Paul Satterfield, Hamilton Luske, Jim Handley, Ford Beebe, T. Hee, Norman Ferguson, Wilfred Jackson


A lot of questions have been asked about the purpose of list-making, the need to break canon, and a lot of other worthwhile lines of thought in what “the greatest” means. While admittedly not having landed at an answer to any of that, with limited frame of experience I can at the very least include what I consider essential.

While I’m not going to dedicate the whole list to the best showcases of animation’s idiosyncrasies (I have other interests too), you will see this list skewing in that particular direction, simply because I don’t think that animated film usually gets a fair shake in aggregation such as this. Even with the wonders of its own distinct language, the different kind of democratisation and fragmentation of the roles in making it, the different kind of illusions formed as a result – there's plenty to appreciate. So I’ve picked some important ones, both in the medium as a whole and to me.

Even so, I’m sure I’ll be kicking myself for 10 years about the various last-minute decisions and exclusions I’ve had to make.