Kyoung-mi Lee

South Korea

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The Servant1963Joseph Losey
Peeping Tom1960Michael Powell
La CÉRÉMONIE1995Claude Chabrol
Distant Voices, Still Lives1988Terence Davies
In the Mouth of Madness1994John Carpenter
A Woman under the Influence1974John Cassavetes
A Serious Man2009Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
The Wicker Man1973Robin Hardy
10 Rillington Place1970Richard Fleischer


The Servant

1963 United Kingdom

I remember the day I saw this film. I was breathless until the end -- the film is so beautiful, perverted, exciting and full of thrills. And that long-take, love-making chair sequence!

Peeping Tom

1960 United Kingdom

A film that makes me feel like I should only secretly like it.


1995 France, Germany

I've come to love mushrooms after watching the scene of Jeanne and Sophie picking mushrooms from a forest and pan-frying them. Of course, I eat mushrooms like them, simply pan-fried. And whenever I eat mushrooms, I think about the two women's relationship. The film is one of many references for me that speaks to the inexplicable, strange quality of human relationships.

Distant Voices, Still Lives

1988 United Kingdom, Federal Republic of Germany

I watched this film after experiencing a family loss, and I remember crying a lot. For me, watching this film is the most personally healing experience. 

In the Mouth of Madness

1994 USA

A list like this can't leave out a John Carpenter movie. Is it me, or is the world just crazy? 

A Woman under the Influence

1974 USA

I realized later that I've been recommending this film to my actresses all along. Mabel (Gena Rowlands), a neurotic and anxious character, is a symbolic presence for me.

A Serious Man

2009 United Kingdom, USA, France

I like all of the Coen Brothers' films, so it's hard to pick just one. As you live more life, it becomes more profound and more difficult to understand; when I feel like this, this movie comes to mind. But I don't feel as if this film gives some kind of an answer to life. I get much comfort every time I realise how much I love this film. 

The Wicker Man

1973 United Kingdom

Among many horror films I've seen so far, this one has the most terrifying ending. I really love this movie.


1960 Japan

The protagonist Keiko is unforgettable.

10 Rillington Place

1970 United Kingdom, USA

I like many films by Richard Fleischer. See No Evil (1971), The Boston Strangler (1968)... Many of them deal with scary things that happen in a small home, but this one scares me the most.