Lili Hinstin

Artistic director

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Simone Barbes ou la vertu1980Marie-Claude Treilhou
OKRAINA1933Boris Barnet
Dalla nube alla resistenza1979
Tea and Sympathy1956Vincente Minnelli
Vredens dag1943Carl Th. Dreyer
Splendor in the Grass1961Elia Kazan
MOI, UN NOIR1959Jean Rouch
A King in New York1957
The Hurt Locker2008Kathryn Bigelow
The Conversation1974Francis Ford Coppola


Simone Barbes ou la vertu


It is one of the very few films on earth that does not sexualize its protagonist (although it takes place in a porn theater), it is the one film that is BEYOND feminism.


1933 USSR

There is everything in this film: humor, beauty, grace, politics, history, humanism.

Dalla nube alla resistenza

1979 Italy, France, Federal Republic of Germany, United Kingdom

The post-modern version of Okraina.

Tea and Sympathy

1956 USA

It's not because I'm filling out this poll from a typical American campus, but this is one of the films that most delightfully, albeit with a certain hidden rage, thwarts gender clichés and portrays unique and complex characters.

Vredens dag

1943 Denmark

Desire vs Society. What it always will be all about.

Splendor in the Grass

1961 USA

Desire vs Society bis.

It is an indispensable film, that I always want to show.


1959 France

This is the movie of my life. Is this poll in order of preference? In any case the lucky number 7 suits him well. It's THE film that gave birth to the Nouvelle Vague and that revolutionised modern cinema, underground.

A King in New York

1957 United Kingdom

Forerunner by the biggest genius of the XXth century.

The Hurt Locker

2008 USA

Bigelow is my favourite contemporary Hollywood director.

The Conversation

1974 USA

I was in Union Square yesterday, and had coffee at Caffé Trieste and it brought this unforgettable movie and its music to my mind over and over again, where sound, in an almost Godardian way, is equally important in the directing as image.

Further remarks

Of course there is no such thing as 10 Greatest Films of All Time. There are emotions given and received at some points in life. My ten films are warm memories coming to me in the quiet night of a campus in Berkeley…