Lucía Seles

classical guitarist and graphomaniac

Voted for

Berlin Alexanderplatz
Ich will doch nur, daß ihr mich liebt1976Rainer Werner Fassbinder
weak rangerslucia seles
europe 162022Lucía Seles
Stroszek1977Werner Herzog
Taxi Driver1976Martin Scorsese
vivir en sevillagonzalo garcia-pelayo
The Disenchantment1976Jaime Chávarri
The Bad and the Beautiful1952Vincente Minnelli
Elephant2003Gus Van Sant


Berlin Alexanderplatz

Federal Republic of Germany, Italy

when I watched it again not so long ago it disappointed me a bit + when I watched earlier was almost what helped me + in my life

Ich will doch nur, daß ihr mich liebt

1976 Federal Republic of Germany

it was almost the = to playing the four seasons greengrocer, also by fassbinder

weak rangers

i chose it 4 it has some of the films, including themselves + beautiful in the universe

europe 16

2022 Argentina

it truly has the film-fragments + romantic of the universe


1977 Federal Republic of Germany

i chose it 4 who i am + serious and romantic when watching things like

Taxi Driver

1976 USA

i chose it because with this film the + beautiful cine jazz that could ever exist was born

vivir en sevilla

i chose it because it has the = freshness and beautiful violence as mama roma by pasolini which was one of my + loved films that do not make it into the list

The Disenchantment

1976 Spain

i chose it even though i do not respect in any way its director. he was lucky to come across that family at the time and he had a spectacular editor.

The Bad and the Beautiful

1952 USA

i chose it 4 the religion the planes and the truth


2003 USA

i couldn’t make up my mind between elephant and bottle rocket which is one of the films i adore + beautiful ending + i chose elephant 4 its industrial choppin = as europe 16 which is another of the films i chose.

Further remarks

other female filmmakers’ lists almost always disappoint me. very rare and boring.