Lucy Bolton

Reader in Film Studies

Voted for

The Birds1963Alfred Hitchcock
Fish Tank2009Andrea Arnold
In the Cut2003Jane Campion
Marie Antoinette2005Sofia Coppola
Once upon a Time in the West1968Sergio Leone
Alien1979Ridley Scott
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes1953Howard Hawks
North by Northwest1959Alfred Hitchcock
East of Eden1955Elia Kazan
Jaws1975Steven Spielberg


The Birds

1963 USA

Pure cinematic magic.

Fun, scary, crazy, beautiful, unforgettable and iconic.

Fish Tank

2009 United Kingdom

Like nothing else ever made. We live, love, fight and dance alongside Mia, even though she doesn't want us. Electric, beyond tense, and quite brilliant.

In the Cut

2003 United Kingdom, USA

Ruffalo's moustache, Ryan's hair and monotone delivery, Jason-Leigh's sparkle - this is a truly exquisite and frighteningly sexy dreamscape of female desire. A complete classic.

Marie Antoinette

2005 USA, France, Japan

So bold! Trainers and costume balls, and the trauma of Marie Antoinette's young life. An inspired vision, and a unique piece of work. Coppola's genius writ large.

Once upon a Time in the West

1968 Italy, USA

Staggeringly stark and odd, slow and overwhelming, devastating and beautiful. Oh, and that soundtrack...


1979 USA, United Kingdom

Magic, beauty, and 'the day job' - the most realistic encounter with working in space that exists. An array of characters who feel like your own colleagues (!), with Sigourney Weaver creating the most iconic sci-fi heroine of all time. A masterclass in atmosphere.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

1953 USA

Announcing Marilyn Monroe as the genius comedian she was, and showing one of the most loving female friendships ever, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is endlessly quotable, consistently hilarious, and staggeringly gorgeous.

North by Northwest

1959 USA

Brilliant performances from Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason and Martin Landau, stunning set pieces, a riveting mistaken identity tale, and beautiful soundtrack - this is an absolute classic that always feels fresh and exciting.

East of Eden

1955 USA

The film that gave us James Dean. A lightning bolt of pain and fury, in a maelstrom of Biblical archetypes and moral extremes, this is a painful and challenging vision of love, desperation and justice that feels like a tale for all times.


1975 USA

Quite simply the best film ever made. Terrifying, hilarious, magnetic and unforgettable.