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RISO AMARO1949Giuseppe De Santis
Women in Love1969Ken Russell
Out of the Blue1980Dennis Hopper
L'ÉTÉ MEURTRIER1983Jean Becker
Breaking the Waves1996Lars von Trier
At Close Range1985James Foley
Deep End1970Jerzy Skolimowski
Mademoiselle1966Tony Richardson
The Outsiders1983Francis Ford Coppola
Practical Magic1998Griffin Dunne



1949 Italy

This for me is simply a perfect film. It is simple in its story telling (something which has been forgotten in the modern noise of moviemaking, of who can make the loudest, most innovative film of the year and all this bollocks); in its silent moments, with its characters who all float in these grey spaces and with Silvana Mangano's performance, this film is timeless. I think how lucky I am to be alive and to have had the pleasure of watching this in my lifetime.

Women in Love

1969 United Kingdom

How can you fucking NOT!!!!! It is, if not the best adaptation of all time, other-worldly, unearthly its gorgeousness. It's everything you want a film to be; it’s beastly and hysterical. If I had to choose between a last meal on Earth or watching a movie, of course I would choose a movie and this bloody one at that!!!

Out of the Blue

1980 Canada

For me collage movie making has lost its way; everything has to be defined, polished, perfected and intentional, nothing is allowed to breath as funding is squandered, everything must be justified. We will never have another movie like Out of the Blue and for that I’m deeply melancholy. A world where these films had the space in which to breath and be ugly and messy, like scrapbook cinema: I miss it so!

RIP LINDA MANZ, a genius, a beauty, a rebel


1983 France

God, to see this film for the first time again as a teenager on a sweaty hot summer day, to love every grey area and the condoning of revenge. Isabelle Adjani is entrancing; the movie encapsulates a livid, brutal summer that has been brewing in a stark evil winter. I adore this film, I love the characters, the world, all the bad and good that they rotate in and how generational trauma never heals and how sometimes to break the cycle you must be as violent as men.

N' of course it looks GORG!!!

Breaking the Waves

1996 Denmark, France, Sweden, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Iceland, USA, Germany

I think Lars is a genius, understated, and misunderstood – he is messiah of the other world, he understands the numinous, both light and dark. His work – if ever five DVDs were to be chosen and sent to space to another world, one of his should be included. He understands the night time in us all, the darkness we harbour and in that the softness and the truth. You can tell he's a warlock with words and can conjure the most unforgettable performances and scenes that will have ever be born on this planet.

I could only dream of casting scenes like that wedding scene with Skarsgård and Watson – what raw ugly, honest human beauty.

At Close Range

1985 USA

This one is for teen me. Finding this film erupted something inside me, still remnants of the collage-making of film, it’s brutal and beautiful, it’s human and leaves you sore and sad. Again, one for the generational trauma guys and breaking those cycles takes a violent form. There is not one scene or shot that’s unintentional; it blisters like the end of summer sun. I get sweetly sad thinking of the first time I watched and how it rocked my world. Mr Penn and Masterson's romance is what I cling to after.

Deep End

1970 Federal Republic of Germany, United Kingdom

FUCKKKKKKKKK Jerzyyyyy is a genius, this film is absurdly sexy and wrong, Diana Dors is a dirty minx, I love it, it encapsulates entirely how the 70s and its filmmaking feels to me – no rules, it soars, it crashes with bloody skulls! I love Susan and Michael, both grey in nature, and I condone none of it but love it in all its messiness and sauciness. Ugh, just such a fucking fabulous film, it swims forever in my psyche.


1966 United Kingdom, France

This is a gem, an anomaly of the Woodfall films and Richardson himself – him speaking barely any French but making this film entirely in that language is insane to me and breaks the formula of all the famous British Woodfall which I love and cherish. But in this film, like none of his or the others of that tree, is an alchemy of darkness and an undercurrent of something otherworldly. With hardly any dialogue, the story is told in silence and looks, as if the trees talk and nature gives us signs of the badness running inside Miss Moreau. I love a wrong women with no reason – why should there always be one? We are the same as you and some of us are rotten. This film to me is full of black magic.

The Outsiders

1983 USA

The skies, the bois, the blistering love for one another. Say no more.

Practical Magic

1998 USA, Australia

Thousands of women and men each year rewatch this movie; everyone who you talk to who loves it, they burst with passion for why they do. I’ve watched this film more than any other as a child and as an adult. I ruined the DVD cover from all its watches. It doesn't matter how many times I've seen it (it could be three times a year even) it feels fresh, like it is wiped from my brain each time I watch – How practical magic of it!

Your blood, My blood <3

Further remarks

I’m sure I will kick myself for many others, but I weirdly wrote and chose quite fast, and for that it’s probably come from my deepest self, so here it is.