Mads K. Mikkelsen

Head of Programme, CPH:DOX

Voted for

Céline and Julie Go Boating1974Jacques Rivette
Sherlock Jr.1924Buster Keaton
Trás-os-Montes1976António Reis, Margarida Martins Cordeiro
Sans Soleil1982Chris Marker
Moon's Pool1973Gunvor Nelson
Naked Spaces: Living is Round1985Trinh T. Minh-ha
Rose Hobart1936Joseph Cornell
Blue1993Derek Jarman
Notre nazi1984Robert Kramer
Towards the Sun2019Nour Ouayda


Film history is unfinished. Canons are contradictory. Taste is internalized censorship. All of which is why a poll of all-time Great Films is really a great idea. Even for those of us who prefer horizons over hierarchies, its obvious paradoxes are illuminating when considered from the reverse-shot side of cultural myth-making. And even if making lists is a number 1 on my list of absurd activities, this maddening, mind-bending task remains meaningful from the imaginary vantage point of the future, too. So here is a message in a bottle to you future readers of Sight & Sound, hoping for the best and keeping in mind that if asked tomorrow, these would be all different films (except for the Rivette).