María Palacios Cruz

Festival Director

Voted for

Meshes of the Afternoon1943Maya Deren, Alexander Hackenschmied
A Portrait of Ga1952Margaret Tait
Cléo from 5 to 71962Agnès Varda
SAUTE MA VILLE1968Chantal Akerman
Wanda1970Barbara Loden
The Ascent1976Larissa Shepitko
Light Reading1979Lis Rhodes
Ode to Mt. Hayachine1982Haneda Sumiko
Fatima's Letter1992Alia Syed
The Dragon is the Frame2014Mary Helena Clark


Faced with the impossible task of summarising over a century of filmmaking in just ten titles, I have put together a personal list in which ten films by ten women stand for their entire filmographies, and for all the other women filmmakers not represented here or in any other list.