Mark Asch


Voted for

The Crowd1928King Vidor
Partie de campagne1936Jean Renoir
It's Always Fair Weather1955Gene Kelly, Stanley Donen
The Night of the Hunter1955Charles Laughton
Vertigo1958Alfred Hitchcock
High School1968Frederick Wiseman
News from Home1976Chantal Akerman
Broadcast News1987James L. Brooks
A Brighter Summer Day1991Edward Yang
13 Lakes2005James Benning


This is the 8th such poll, and the first in which I’ve been invited to vote. If I keep writing and live longer than either of my grandfathers did, I might reasonably aspire to vote for the greatest films four more times, assuming that enough of the people of 2062 will retain an awed curiosity about either “greatness” or “films.” (Given the likely advance of many digital-era titles in this year’s results, it may be time to change the name of the poll from “Films” to “Movies.” I will hopefully be dead before anyone suggests changing “Movies” to “Content.”) I’ve dreamed of voting in this poll for most of my adult life, across which there are certain films I’ve carried with me and always known I would vote for. Here are 10 films (of the 20 or 30) that I couldn’t bear to leave off. The future is coming on, but there is still so much of the richness of the past that awaits me, and, I hope, you. See you in ten years.