Michael Blyth

Senior Programmer: BFI Festivals

Voted for

Carrie1976Brian De Palma
3 Women1977Robert Altman
Candyman1992Bernard Rose
Don't Look Now1973Nicolas Roeg
Heavenly Creatures1994Peter Jackson
Kissed1996Lynne Stopkewich
Martha1974Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Ms.451980Abel Ferrara
[Safe]1994Todd Haynes
Sullivan's Travels1941Preston Sturges


The only thing I know for sure in this world is that Carrie (1976) is my all time favourite film. As for the rest, ordering by preference proved too overwhelming a task, so I have taken the easy road and listed alphabetically.

Ask me another time and there is a high chance that City Lights (Charlie Chaplin, 1931), Tenebrae (Dario Argento, 1982) or Working Girl (Mike Nichols, 1988) would make the list, but sadly, this just wasn't their day.

I can already feel the regrets beginning to surface...