Michael Omasta


Voted for

The Trial (Prozess)1984Eberhard Fechner
NOW1965Santiago Álvarez
Sherlock Jr.1924Buster Keaton
The Intruder2004Claire Denis
Get Out2017Jordan Peele
Sonne halt!1959Ferry Radax
An Angel at My Table1990Jane Campion
Come and See1985Elem Klimov
Nacht singt ihre Lieder2003Romuald Karmakar
The Night of the Hunter1955Charles Laughton


The Trial (Prozess)


The title says it all: Made over a period of eight years, a documentary on the Majdanec War Crime Trial in Dusseldorf, FRG, between 1975 and 1981.


1965 Cuba

Five-minute-agit-prop, still up to date.

Sherlock Jr.

1924 USA

A cinematic Robinsonade, the setting: the cinema itself. With each cut, Buster, dreamy projectionist, is transported from one breakneck situation to a new, even more breakneck one.

The Intruder

2004 France, Republic of Korea

Inspired by Jean-Luc Nancy's book of the same name, "L'Intrus" tells the story of a man with a heart condition (Michel Subor!) who leaves his previous life behind and sets out on a final journey to the South Seas. Claire Denis' film is as grandiose as it is enigmatic.

Get Out

2017 USA, Japan

Black lives matter, white lies splatter: my favorite satirical horror movie.

Sonne halt!


A cornerstone of Austrian film avant-garde: Konrad Bayer as author and performer of a film fragmented in image and sound, immensely lively, abysmal, if you will: typically Viennese in the best sense.

An Angel at My Table

1990 New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom

For me, still Campion's most compelling film.

Come and See

1985 USSR, Byelorussian SSR

"Come and See": The tragic story of a destroyed youth, told through the eyes of a twelve-year-old in Belarus in 1943. A powerful, hyper-realistic film.

Nacht singt ihre Lieder


"Nightsongs". A young couple - played by Anne Ratte-Polle and Frank Giering - in relationship hell. The brilliant adaptation of a stage play by Norwegian playwright Jon Fosse.

The Night of the Hunter

1955 USA

Laughton's only film as a director, James Agee's last screenplay, perhaps Stanley Cortez's most beautiful camerawork, Robert Mitchum's favorite role, and in general: one of the most terrifying and weird masterpieces of the classic Hollywood era.