Nima Hassani Nasab


Voted for

Only Angels Have Wings1939Howard Hawks
Seven Chances1925Buster Keaton
M1931Fritz Lang
High and Low1963Akira Kurosawa
Journey to Italy1954Roberto Rossellini
Out of the Past1947Jacques Tourneur
Playtime1967Jacques Tati
Late Spring1949Yasujirō Ozu
The Roaring Twenties1939Raoul Walsh
Lola Montès1955Max Ophuls


We pick the films, and the films pick us. We asses them, and they asses us in return. The merit in picking all-time greats is in the fact that it tells about who we are, or who want to be. In order to reveal a bit more about that identity inherent to a selection like this, I would like to add to two further titles to this list: Brick and Mirror (Ebrahim Golestan, 1964) and Closeup (Abbas Kiarostami, 1990). Furthermore, these picks reveal only about what I am today and now. Not knowing what the next moment will bring, I wonder what ten years' time will.