Nobuhiro Yamashita


Voted for

Stevie2002Steve James
ZHANTAI2000Jia Zhangke
Husbands A Comedy about Life Death and Freedom1970John Cassavetes
A Brighter Summer Day1991Edward Yang
Jacob's Ladder1990Adrian Lyne
Blue Velvet1986David Lynch
The Hotel New Hampshire1984Tony Richardson
Sátántangó1994Béla Tarr
Oasis2002Lee Chang-dong


Film has an entertainment aspect and is also a product. Therefore, various people

are involved, and in the production process the film is completed in a variety of

organized forms. On the other hand, as a film is created by a group of people, a film

creates a distortion of balance, which can sometimes result in an indescribable

emotional experience. In such cases, the distortion is often created by the strong

individuality of the director, but sometimes there are films created by the insistence

of the scriptwriter or producer, or the individuality of each technical part, such as

cinematography, music and editing.

The ten films I have selected are not neat and tidy films, but rather those in which

some distortion or bias is reflected in the works. Such films create a special emotion

between the screen and the audience that can only be obtained through cinema.

These emotions are various, such as joy, fear or sadness.

I always want to continue making films that create such emotions