Nora Twomey

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The Night of the Hunter1955Charles Laughton
Casablanca1942Michael Curtiz
All about Eve1950Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Great Expectations1947David Lean
My Neighbour Totoro1988Hayao Miyazaki
Pan's Labyrinth2006Guillermo del Toro
Brief Encounter1945David Lean
La Tortue Rouge2016Michael Dudok De Wit
Archipelago2010Joanna Hogg


The Night of the Hunter

1955 USA

Charles Laughton's singular vision of good and evil. A dreamlike voyage through childhood, so beautifully evoked.


1942 USA

It still holds audiences in the palm of the hand - perfectly pitched performances against such an evocative backdrop of war and loss.

All about Eve

1950 USA

Something about the self-referencing quality of fading stars and ruthless upstarts makes this compelling to the last.

Great Expectations

1947 United Kingdom

This particular take on Dicken's brilliant work is so evocative, particularly the tragedy of Ms Havisham, which is so devastatingly portrayed.


1963 Japan

I know that not many audiences outside of Japan will know this but it's such an influential, epic, beautiful film it deserves full attention.

My Neighbour Totoro

1988 Japan

Deceptively simple, brilliantly told. This film exists between a veiled reality and the huge imaginations of children who need to believe in magic.

Pan's Labyrinth

2006 Spain, Mexico, USA

From the very opening moments this perfect film captivates audiences in such a way that I know it will be talked about in 50 years time, if we're still around.

Brief Encounter

1945 United Kingdom

This film, although very much of its time, is tremendously evocative. It exudes a sense of sacrifice, loss, longing and duty that could only be created by a filmmaker, cast and crew at the top of their game.

La Tortue Rouge

2016 France, Japan, Belgium

I watched this beautiful film by Michaël Dudok de Wit with a bunch of children. Though there is no dialogue in the film, the children gave a live commentary, reducing to a hushed silence during the climactic moments. Films that allow audiences to participate at such a level are rare and precious gifts.


2010 United Kingdom

Joanna Hogg's playful, beautifully timed, comedic film makes me appreciate every silence, every awkwardly placed human as this privileged family attempt to stitch meaning into their fraught existences.