Orwa Nyrabia

Artistic Director

Voted for

Mirror1975Andrei Tarkovsky
ROUTE ONE/USA1990Robert Kramer
Roma1972Federico Fellini
YOL1982Serif Gören
Stars in Broad Daylight1987Ossama Mohammed
News from Home1976Chantal Akerman
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb1963Stanley Kubrick
O NECEM JINEM1963Věra Chytilová
El Mumia1970Shadi Abdelsalam
SALAM CINÉMA1995Mohsen Makhmalbaf



1975 USSR

Still a miracle of a film. One of film history’s exceptional references, that inspired countless filmmakers till today and remains to be a monument of personal/collective history, of singular film language.


1990 France, United Kingdom, Italy

No other film goes as profoundly deep into both the reality of the USA at a particular moment of its history, and of film language at its best. Kramer’s long career reaches its epitome in this film, where his alter ego, Doc, journeys Route One, meets people and reflects.


1972 Italy, France

Fellini has always been free and imaginative, but never more than in his Roma. A truly hybrid piece of personal history that brings the street, documentary and the biographical to construct an open form of a portrait of a great city.


1982 Turkey, Switzerland, France

The iconic film of Guney, reportedly directed from his prison cell via small notes and drawings smuggled to his crew outisde, is a rare universal journey of going home, of political prison, of the pain of missing freedom and the extreme fragility of the human condition.

Stars in Broad Daylight


An iconoclastic film that became an icon of Syrian, and Arab World, cinema. A tragicomedy that courageously and viscerally criticised dictatorship, became a cult film through pirated tapes as it was, and remains to be, banned in ita own country. A Cannes Directors' Fortnight film that became an inspiration and a symbol of uncompromising cinema.

News from Home

1976 France, Belgium

Very few films shaped the visions of as many young filmmakers as this one. Akerman’s exceptional contemplation over her relationship with her mother, with cities, and with a certain sense of absurdity marked the way many started to understand cinema, free from the borders of genre and of the marketplace.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

1963 United Kingdom, USA

An explosion of artistic freedom and political cinema. A pioneering example of a film that must have changed the world. At least, we did not all die of a nuclear war.


1963 Czechoslovakia

Womanhood, talent and surviving a world of indifferent men make this hybrid singular film a true icon of an era.

El Mumia

1970 Egypt

An uncompromising artistic accomplishment that made its director a legend with a single feature film. Very few films created their own style and language so distinct and singular as this. The place and the relation between camerawork, set design, costumes, acting and concept is so coherent and solid that it challenged an entire generation of filmmakers in its region and became an essential reference.


1995 Iran

Makhmalbaf's celebration of cinema is a one-of-a-kind portrait of Iranian society, and of cinema as it lives among people. A hybrid, free form of filmmaking that defies simple classification and leaves us a multi-layered and open vision.