Pete Tombs

Writer, Distributor

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2001: A Space Odyssey1968Stanley Kubrick
Le ROUGE AUX LÈVRES1970Harry Kümel
The Exterminating Angel1962Luis Buñuel
Model Shop1968Jacques Demy
Mulholland Dr.2001David Lynch
The Night of the Hunter1955Charles Laughton
Pakeezah1972Kamal Amrohi
Un soir, un train1968André Delvaux
Videodrome1983David Cronenberg
VALKOINEN PEURA1953Erik Blomberg


I tend not to watch individual films more than a handful of times, although obviously there are exceptions. Once seen, a film plants itself inside my psyche and then either grows into something rich and strange – or withers away and dies. All of these, in their many different ways, are of the rich and strange variety.