Peter Kosminsky


Voted for

Incendies2010Denis Villeneuve
Hell or High Water2016David Mackenzie
Arrival2016Denis Villeneuve
Michael Clayton2007Tony Gilroy
Die bleierne Zeit1981Margarethe von Trotta
Salvador1986Oliver Stone
Man on Fire2004Tony Scott
Broadcast News1987James L. Brooks
The Constant Gardener2005Fernando Meirelles
Land and Freedom1995Ken Loach



2010 Canada, France

One of the cleverest movies I've ever seen, made by a master. Manages to engage with serious subject-matter and deliver an extraordinary twist at the end. Brilliant premise.

Hell or High Water

2016 USA

Powerful and deeply moving film that manages to convey the reality of life in Trump's America more eloquently than any documentary. And a stunning score.


2016 USA

A brilliant, mind-bending drama, with breath-taking performances. Proves that movies can successfully engage with deeply complex stories which don't in any way patronise the audience.

Michael Clayton

2007 USA

Triumphant storytelling, brilliant direction and screenwriting by Tony Gilroy. Manages to deliver a really important point about pollution and corporate America without any sacrifice of character or imaginative plotting.

Die bleierne Zeit

1981 Federal Republic of Germany

For its brilliant exploration of the nature of German post-Nazi guilt and for the choices faced by the radical post-Nazi generation.


1986 USA

Inspired decision to see the conflict in Central America through the eyes of an utterly amoral wreck of a man, brilliantly played by James Woods. His journey from self-destruction to compassion is so unexpected.

Man on Fire

2004 USA, United Kingdom

A moving story of redemption, brilliantly designed and shot - with a stunning performances from Denzel Washington and a very young Dakota Fanning.

Broadcast News

1987 USA

A grown-up film about grown-up issues. One of the most faithful evocations of life in television I know. The complex relationship between the Albert Brooks and Holly Hunter characters is a joy to watch.

The Constant Gardener

2005 USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada

A profoundly personal story which captures a time, a place and a cause magnificently. To watch Ralph Fiennes transition from detached civil servant to someone who is committed is amazing to watch. Probably his finest performance, I think.

Land and Freedom

1995 United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, France

For me, Loach's finest. Really helped me understand why young British progressives left our shores, often for the first time, to fight in Spain for a noble but ultimately hopeless cause. The scene where young Spaniards sit around discussing the pros and cons of collectivisation is as brilliant as it is surprising.