Philip Berk

HFPA president, LA Jewish Times film critic

Voted for

Citizen Kane1941Orson Welles
Army of Shadows1969Jean-Pierre Melville
Casablanca1942Michael Curtiz
Sunset Blvd.1950Billy Wilder
The Magnificent Ambersons1942Orson Welles
Amarcord1972Federico Fellini
Red River1947Howard Hawks
The Red Shoes1948Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
The Shop around the Corner1940Ernst Lubitsch
The Third Man1949Carol Reed


Citizen Kane

1941 USA

The most influential film in history.

Army of Shadows

1969 France, Italy

The best of his great movies.


1942 USA

The most famous film from the most underrated hollywood director. No one orchestrated action like Curtis.

Sunset Blvd.

1950 USA

His most perfect movie.

The Magnificent Ambersons

1942 USA

Survives repeated viewing, a magical experience.


1972 Italy, France

Another magical experience.

Red River

1947 USA

The greatest western of all time.

The Red Shoes

1948 United Kingdom

Sublime filmmaking; indestructible.

The Shop around the Corner

1940 USA

The most shamelessly romantic movie of all time.

The Third Man

1949 United Kingdom

Perfection - the best of British cinema.

Further remarks

It surprises me to note that all those films except for the two foreign titles were made in the 1940s.

Not much has changed in the past ten years.