Ricardo Vieira Lisboa

Film critic and film programmer

Voted for

Wochenende1930Walter Ruttmann
Hurlements en faveur de Sade1952Guy Debord
The Song of Rio Jim1978Maurice Lemaître
L'homme atlantique1981Margueritte Duras
Passage Through: A Ritual1990Stan Brakhage
Blue1993Derek Jarman
Branca de Neve2000João César Monteiro
Black2015Anouk De Clercq
Not Even Nothing Can Be Free Of Ghosts2016Rainer Kohlberger
Amor Omnia2020Yohei Yamakado


Film is social. As such, cinema in this post-covid era implies a rediscovery of the experience of the theater as a space for community re-aggregation. Today, going to a cinema theater is an affirmation of the desire to meet (with others, with the film - on a larger than human scale - in a dark and concentrated space). So, and to reinforce this dimension of physical sharing of a closed and dark space, I propose ten films without images. These are objects that simultaneously remind the spectators of the physicality of the other, sitting next to them, and of the room (which sweats and resonates with them), while focusing their attention on the contemplation of an absence that prefers not to compete with the flood of images that compete for our gaze. Cinema is dead, long live the communal soundscape.