Ritesh Batra


Voted for

Pyaasa1957Guru Dutt
A Separation2011Asghar Farhadi
High and Low1963Akira Kurosawa
Wild Strawberries1957Ingmar Bergman
Le SOUFFLE AU COEUR1971Louis Malle
GUIDE1965Vijay Anand
The English Patient1996Anthony Minghella
In the Mood for Love2000Wong Kar Wai
The Sting1973George Roy Hill
The Misfits1961John Huston



1957 India

The best movie musical of all time in my view, about the angst of an artist, the corruption of a society, a lost love. Good movies are about many things at once, about life itself. This is that movie.

A Separation

2011 Iran

No heroes, no villains, and no false moment, and the best ending ever, this film lives inside the viewer forever.

High and Low

1963 Japan

A traditional society in transition, in this post-World War 2 movie of Japan - it's not just rich vs poor, its a portrait of privilege and eastern people grappling with western values. Shot like magic.

Wild Strawberries

1957 Sweden

The film that left the deepest mark on me, a story of looking back and how painful life is, because the mistakes cannot be corrected and the good things will never come back; everything comes with it's own special melancholy.


1971 France, Italy, Federal Republic of Germany

A coming-of-age story unlike any other, that of a mother and a son. It's beautiful and brave.


1965 India

The story of a guide at a tourist site who meets a woman in an unsatisfying marriage, and their love story that comes with its own strife. It's a beautiful adaptation of a beautiful novel.

The English Patient

1996 USA

The best screen adaptation of a much-loved novel in my opinion. A formidable companion to the novel. The core of this movie that everything revolves around, it's a massive achievement - the story of a world undone and how love is its only salvation, the only universal language.

In the Mood for Love

2000 Hong Kong, France

So much yearning, in every performance and in every frame. It's for those special people who yearn to feel life fully.

The Sting

1973 USA

Great plot, and Redford's best performance. Both Redford and Newman are on great form as usual. It's my favourite caper.

The Misfits

1961 USA

A great movie about a dying way of life, filled with great characters and the actors so ingrained in the tapestry of the movie that it's easy to forget that they are legendary movie stars. It's an amazing script and the best western I've seen.

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