Senem Aytac

Film Critic

Voted for

The Consequences of Feminism1906Alice Guy-Blaché
Cinderella1922Lotte Reiniger
Meshes of the Afternoon1943Maya Deren, Alexander Hackenschmied
The House Is Black1962Forough Farokhzad
Schmeerguntz1965Gunvor Nelson, Dorothy Wiley
Daisies1966Věra Chytilová
Je, tu, il, elle1974Chantal Akerman
The Gleaners and I2000Agnès Varda
La ciénaga2001Lucrecia Martel
Cameraperson2016Kirsten Johnson


¨Shōnagon had a passion for lists: the list of 'elegant things,' 'distressing things,' or even of 'things not worth doing.' One day she got the idea of drawing up a list of 'things that quicken the heart.'” (San Soleil, Chris Marker, 1983)

Inspired by Sei Shōnagon, here is another list, a list of things that quicken my heart to accompany my selection:

People who dig and resurrect female directors’ films from the depths of the wreckage of ‘His’tory;

women who follow narrow paths instead of main roads, who got off the track on purpose or who got lost on the way;

women in control of their own bodies and images;

women who collect things on the way;

women who passionately deconstruct things;

women who are sometimes too exhausted to get up to make a film, or rather, make a film about it;

women who play the games they invented themselves;

feminist killjoys, drifters, tramps, vagabonds, camerapersons, witches, poets,

scissors, cut-ups, collages, reassemblages.