Sofie Cato Maas

Film Critic and Co-editor of Outskirts Film Magazine

Voted for

By the Bluest of Seas1935Boris Barnet
Fragile as the World 2001Rita Azevedo Gomes
Il MULINO DEL PO1949Alberto Lattuada
Magnificent Obsession1954Douglas Sirk
Rain1929Joris Ivens
Lady Windermere's Fan1925Ernst Lubitsch
EROTIKON1929Gustav Machaty
Black Girl1965Ousmane Sembène
The Ghost Cat and the Mysterious Shamisen 1938Kiyohiko Ushihara
DANS LA NUIT1929Charles Vanel


“Sometimes spectators laugh out of pure fear that they might also cry” (quote translated from a text by Norbert Jochum)

In coming to be, the cinema at once expresses and shapes the reality in which it arises, while in ceasing to be, both as an object and as a memory in the mind of the spectator, the cinema finds its most cherishable merit: its value buried in its fragility.