Stephen Sutcliffe


Voted for

The Gospel According to St. Matthew1964Pier Paolo Pasolini
If....1968Lindsay Anderson
La Caduta degli Dei1969Luchino Visconti
Der SIEBENTE KONTINENT1989Michael Haneke
The Thing1982John Carpenter
The Friends of Eddie Coyle1973Peter Yates
Sunday Bloody Sunday1971John Schlesinger
Despair1978Rainer Werner Fassbinder
High Anxiety1977Mel Brooks


The Gospel According to St. Matthew

1964 Italy, France

The films I like are never perfect and are often problematic but overall this is very moving as a political and naturalistic depiction of its subject.


1968 USA, United Kingdom

Of all the directors to emerge from this period I came last to Anderson. This film is every schoolkid’s fantasy, whether they were educated in a state or private school.

La Caduta degli Dei

1969 Italy, Switzerland, Federal Republic of Germany

Dark and brooding with a terrific camp-off between Bogarde and Berger.


1980 France

My favourite of those gentle meandering continental films of the time.


1989 Austria

I have a fascination with bleakness and am often disappointed by the lack of it in films and books with reputations for dejection. This film however doesn’t disappoint.

The Thing

1982 USA

Probably not the scariest film ever made but definitely the most entertaining. The Russian Roulette guessing game with blood samples manages to be inventive, tense and funny all at the same time.

The Friends of Eddie Coyle

1973 USA

I used to think the best place to be Irish was in a Celtic bar in America. This film disabused me of that notion, as Robert Mitchum's character gets screwed by just about everyone he associates with. I miss stories like this with utterly pessimistic endings.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

1971 United Kingdom

Schlesinger’s best film. Excellent performances and a great evocation of the melancholy and desperation of both complicated love-triangles and London’s all-night chemists.


1978 Federal Republic of Germany, France

Thought the book was unadaptable so I put off seeing this till very recently. It turns out to be hugely enjoyable with another masterclass in seething from Dirk Bogarde.

High Anxiety

1977 USA

Could have chosen The Producers but it doesn’t have Madeleine Khan. It’s worth seeing this if only for the brilliantly false-modest title song performance alone, but the rest is brilliant too.